Create a place where artists can go to learn, share, brainstorm, collaborate and build their brand as an artist.

It’s like pushing a car.  An almost impossible task when you have to steer and push alone.  As a team, you are able to push the car faster and more efficiently.


Below is a list of our Mission Goals

  • Provide answers to questions artists face in the day to day running of the business.
  • Research extensively to produce one or more of the best possible answers to any given problem.
  • Develop a Forum for artists to collaborate and share ideas.
  • Communicate across a wide range of social media sites so our message can be shared.
  • Maintain and catalogue answers to questions in an easy to find repository.
  • Remain transparent so the artist knows, if they do spend any money, where it is going.

TAAU Gallery

TAAU Gallery represents the gallery portion of Art Masterminds. What good is it to have a mastermind group for artists if you have no way to promote their art and provide a practice area to “get it right.” We have one brick and mortar location at Dunn Bros Provisions in Addison, TX and another one on the way at Ziziki’s Taverna also in Addison, TX. Finally, TAAU Gallery also provides an online store to our gallery members.

Visit TAAU Gallery