About Us

Ever since I was a kid and could pick up a crayon I was drawing something. This continued on through High School where I was an honors art student at Mansfield High School in Texas. I joined the Marines in 1986 and while I didn’t pursue art daily, there are a few murals probably still floating around out there that had my hand in them. In 1998 I graduated from the University of Dallas with a BA in Psychology and began my 15 year career with a fortune 100 company.

I have pursued a technical career for 15 years, but the art has never left me. My job of researching, documenting and training on various job functions as well as developing new paths to success for a small operations team has given me the skills to return to my passion of art with a renewed interest in leveraging these research and training skills to help artists of all levels succeed where they desire.

Currently, Tamra–my wife of 12 years–and I curate a small gallery: TAAU Gallery in the back of Dunn Bros Provisions, Addison TX and we have enjoyed getting to know many new artists and patrons in our community.

I find myself in the artist sandbox once again but while I do enjoy doodling and playing with different mediums, my main focus now is to get Art Masterminds rolling so we can all share and learn together.  I look forward to hearing from you.

About Art Masterminds

At a Christmas Party in 2012, I approached a long-time friend and owner of Dunn Bros Provisions in Addison TX to see if I could show my art in the gallery at the back of the shop.  That conversation turned into me becoming the next curator of the gallery and for 2013, I began the journey of seeking out new artists, and showing various styles of art in the gallery.  It was a challenge trying to find online sources I could use to help me.  This included developing artist tags, how to catalogue art, what is considered acceptable for framing (or not), how to price the work, and anything else associated with gallery management.  I found similar gaps in support for artists and artist questions such as printing, framing, and how to submit art to a gallery (to name a few).

In 2014, I want to change the narrative. I want to provide a place for artists, galleries, patrons and students to come to learn and share their experiences. There are no gimmicks here. While some of what Art Masterminds will offer may have a price tag associated with it, the goal is to do what we can for free. The blog, access to the site, some of the guidebooks, and future media experiments such as podcasts and v-blogs will all be free.

A lot of research will go into the content we provide. Anything you can do to provide input to the story is not only appreciated, it is fully encouraged. Feel free to e-mail me your questions, suggestions and criticisms. I look forward to growing this community together.